A Hero Family Continues Quest for A Cure in Memory of Eli

Please open this link and see how the Alex’s foundation honored our Angel Eli.  Scroll down the left side of the page, and you will see Eli.


Flight to St. Louis in Honor and Memory of our Angel Eli (CLOSE TO HALF A MILLION DOLLARS)

Family and friends,  We wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for supporting the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc. in honor and memory of our Brave Eli….    Eli’s big brother Austin and I(Paul) will be heading to St. Louis, Missouri on September 30, 2011. We will meet with Dr. Todd Druley, M.D., Ph.D.  Dr. Druley  will give us a tour of the hospital and will share some recent results with us. The money that has been raised ( $35,687.65)  will be donated to his research to find a CURE!    Dr. Druley is also an “A” Award recipient of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation as well.  We were ask if we could take a check for $375,000.00 from the Alex’s Foundation when we meet Dr. Druley.  Well my answer was a big yes!  This is Eli’s STAND! This trip is in Eli’s memory and honor and it’s Liz Scotts honor to do this for Eli as “we bELIeve in a cure”  so now with close to a HALF MILLION DOLLARS we make a STAND! against childhood cancer.   Special thanks to Oxford Area High School , Bill Hammond’s Martial Arts, Robinson’s Furniture, RK Environmental Services, Our Children Making Change, Oxford Auto & Tire, and everyone that held an Eli & Alex’s Lemonade Event, or stopped by and supported one of our event’s in Eli’s memory.  Please continue to help us win this war!  No child should ever be told by their Mom and Dad that they have Leukemia (Cancer).  We will not stop until a cure is found, because Eli would want us to carry on this fight to find a cure, even though he cannot be here to do so.


Todd E. Druley, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics

Division of Hematology and Oncology

Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology

Washington University School of Medicine

Go to www.BraveEli.com to see photos.

Please look at the photos Eli is with Liz, as well as on Fox 29 news during Alex’s Days as their HERO.  The check he gave Liz was from his last Lemonade event that he held in our front yard.  Eli has his own page on Alex’s site from Liz Alex’s Mom.  Liz loved Eli, and Eli loved Liz.  If you want to hold a stand.  Eli’s STAND!!!!! against Childhood Cancer in our sons memory and honor while teaching your children how they can help in this fight against Childhood Cancer please do so.   If you need help just e-mail me at BraveEli@zoominternet.net.    After your event just send the check to.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

29 East Wynnewood Road

Wynnewood, PA 19096

Just write this code on the memo block E76016 the funds will be directed to Eli’s fundraising page on the Alex’s Foundation Web Site.  http://www.alexslemonade.org/campaign/eli-seth-matthews-leukemia-fund





1 st Annual Eli’s Cruise for the Cure Sept 10, 2011 at Oxford Auto & Tire

I wanted to start by thanking Troy and Barb Miller owners of Oxford Auto & Tire for holding the 1 st Annual Eli’s Cruise for the Cure today.  Eli was smiling down from HEAVEN on this event today.  The weather was PERFECT!!!! and the HOT ROD’S were their….   Oh and if you are a Police Officer reading this you may want to skip the next few word’s.  They were Lighting them up for Eli oh YES!!!!  Good thing we were at Oxford Auto & Tire because some of those BAD BOY’S are gonna need to talk to Troy for some new tread….    The place was full, and everyone had a GREAT time.   Thank you all that came out today, and for helping us Carry out Eli’s wishes to find a CURE!!!! 


We have a Winner

Thank you goes out to all of our Family and Friends for buying a ticket for the chance to win a 1973 Dyna Series Harley Davidson.  Officer Brown from the Oxford Police department pulled the winning ticket at 2:10 pm…..    The ticket pulled was number 175 Timmy Stanley a local from Nottingham, pa won this Beautiful Harley Davidson.  Again thank you Buddy owner of Robinson’s Furniture for donating his Harley to help us KILL CHILDHOOD CANCER!!!!     WE RAISED $10,000.00 TODAY!!!!!!!!!  OH YES OUR ANGEL ELI KEPT THE RAIN AWAY!!!!



Saturday, September 10 · 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Oxford Auto & Tire

124 Barnsley Road
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Please help Oxford Auto & Tire in the fight against Childhood Cancer, in memory of Eli Seth Matthews. His BIG brother Austin will be in charge of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Burgers & dogs will also be available with all proceeds being donated to Eli’s Foundation & Alex’s Lemonade.

Annual Brave Eli Memorial Ride and fundraiser

We must join together around the world in a ride in Eli’s memory to carry out Eli’s wishes to find a cure for Childhood Leukemia. I reach out to you as a father that lost his son (HERO) in life to this MONSTER! I say to you if you take on this task to join a group of bikers together on May 19, 2012 we can ride across the World to help save lives. On this day in Oxford, PA we will have Eli’s Celebration and a ride as well. With the help of the www.XLForum.net with over 40,000 members strong in every part of the world we can do it… (I know on www.BraveEli.com we have people veiwing this message world wide).   What I need if you are interested just e-mail me at BraveEli@zoominternet.net with your name and how many riders you bELIeve you will have. Prior to the ride I will mail you a “I bELIeve in memory of Eli Matthews” memorial patch for each rider in your group. Have your group visit www.BraveEli.com and read Eli’s story so they to can get an understanding of the #1 killer of our children today. This effects 47 children every day. 47 children are told by their mom and dad in some heart wrenching way hunny you have Leukemia chocking back the tear’s as you stay strong for your baby. This ride will be every year, and I will announce the date every year to coincide with Eli’s celebration that will be held in Oxford, PA with a ride as well. The donation for each rider is $20.00…. After you have completed your ride send the proceeds to:
Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc

P.O. Box# 33

Oxford, PA 19363

Captains so far for the May 19th ride are listed:

UPDATE: Pennsylvania is covered for the Brave Eli Memorial Ride. Eli’s Dad will lead the ride. 4 PM we will leave from Redmans Hall….

UPDATE: Chris (ParrotHead) will also talk to his HOG Chapter.

UPDATE: NE Oklahoma is covered by XLForum members (chardhin).

UPDATE: Arizona is covered by XLForum member (bitpusher).

UPDATE: Idaho is covered by XLForum member (beornj).

UPDATE: West Virginia is covered by XLForum member (Mike) (BCR226).

Need to cover every state, and country.  

Who do we have from Germany? Bert can you take Germany my friend?

Who will cover Japan?

The goal is to have bikers in every state and country riding on the 19th their time zone.



Help us Fight Childhood Cancer (BraveEli.com)

Liz Scott from the Alex’s Foundation was friends with Eli, and has dedicated a page on her foundation’s web site for our Angel Eli.  Now if you can’t make it to a Lemonade event for whatever reason, you can click on this link http://www.alexslemonade.org/campaign/eli-seth-matthews-leukemia-fund , or go to BraveEli.com. Under organizations, just click on Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Fund and this will also take you to his page.  
The fund’s raised will be directed to** Todd Druley, M.D., Ph.D.   Dr. Druley is also the doctor the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation funds will go to, as well as other organizations.   We must put a stop to all of the poison they are using to treat these precious chidren with.  This is what our Angel Eli would want us to do………….continue his wishes to find a cure.
**Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Genetics Washington University School of Medicine.
Dr. Druley is a faculty member in the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.  His research is based in the hypothesis that much of pediatric disease presentation and treatment is heavily influenced by the unique combination of rare inherited DNA mutations within each person. Dr. Druley’s research focuses on adapting the latest genomic technologies toward characterizing these germline variants on a population-based scale as well as examining how these mutations interact within an individual to influence a variety of diseases, particularly pediatric cancer. The long-term goals are to better understand the pathophysiology of pediatric cancer as well as to identify all of the pertinent germline variants within a pediatric cancer patient prior to starting therapy in order to provide a genetically customized treatment plan designed to maximize anti-cancer activity while minimizing toxicity and morbidity.

Lemonade all proceeds to benifit Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation

  July 31, 2011 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM @ 5 welcome Ave. West Grove PA 19390 Nicole Hammond is holding this event in memory of our Angel Eli.  Go to BraveEli.com to keep up with how you can help fight Childhood cancer.


Eli’s Memorial Patch

Eli's memorial patch

Memorial Patch

If you would like to donate $10.00 for one of Eli’s memorial patches please send a check made out to (ESMLF) Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.  Send it to Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation P.O. Box# 33 Oxford, PA 19363 with a self addressed stamped envolope.

Eli Seth Matthews Scholarship Fund

We have decided to establish the Eli Seth Matthews Scholarship Fund at the Oxford Area High School.   At the end of the school year starting in 2012 we will present a student with a Scholarship in our Eli’s memory, and honor.   (A student going into the medical field).   So as the school system help’s the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation to work toward’s finding a cure for Leukemia Eli would want to help a student to achieve their goal in life.