Nov 27


Today November 27, 2014 you would be 14 years old.  Eli not one second of any given day goes by that we don’t think of you.  The unspeakable pain in our hearts will never go away as we miss you.  Your smile would light up a room; your bravery was none I have ever witnessed in my life.  We miss hugging you.  We miss kissing you.  We miss watching what funny things you might say or do.  We miss waiting for you to come downstairs just to see what  cool clothes you would pick out for the day.  Most of all we just miss holding you in our arms telling you how much we love you.  Happy Birthday in Heaven Eli we Love you with all of our hearts sweet Angel.  Love Mom Dad and Big brother Austin.

Everyone please watch these videos.  Turn up the volume.

My HERO in life my son Eli.

The HERO inside you Eli’s song

Brave Eli
Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

Ruth Ann Matthews


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Nov 22


Please join me in prayer for Princess   Juliana she is a sweetheart and just 4 years old.   She will have surgery Monday morning as they try to remove a brain tumor.  These PADDY THE PENQUIN’S were delivered in memory of my HERO in life my son Brave Eli, and in memory of Dawn Hibberd and Alberto Soto.

#bELIeve #BraveEli

 Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

Frank Claudio, Sherry Madonna Soto, Joe Soto, Wanda Soto

At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Baltimore, MD10394500_10101907442032827_6967981889335522987_n

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Nov 22

4th Annual Flapjack Fundraiser

February 21, 2015 from 8:00 am till 10:00 am


To all of our family and friends that came out this year we look forward to seeing you February 21st.   If you would like to join us for the 4th Annual Flapjack Fundraiser just send $7.00 per ticket to Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation PO BOX# 33 Oxford, PA 19363 and write in the memo block how many tickets you would like.  You can also go to and click the donate button just type Flapjack in the note block.  They make for a wonderful Christmas gift.  Thank you to the OAHS Future Business Leaders of America they have helped in 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Also Helping Hands showed up to be our servers as well they also sold 100 tickets for the event this year.  The (FBLA), and Helping Hands (LEO CLUB) made this years event flawless, making it look easy. My son Austin your so AMAZING! thank you for being by my side.   I hold this event in February every year the reason for this is, March 1st is Eli Matthews day in Oxford, PA, as proclaimed by Mayor Henry. I ask you all to spread the word, and wear red and black that day, Eli’s favorite colors, in Eli’s memory and honor. Thank you, Eli’s Dad.

**This event will sell out.  Only 400 tickets will be sold so hurry.



Nov 11

1st Annual Toys For ELI

In memory of Eli Seth Matthews, We are running a toy drive for the AI duPont Children’s Hospital. We will be collecting new unwrapped toys from today Nov 10th until Dec the 17th. The toys will be donated by Paul Matthews to the hospital on Friday December the 19th. Please join us in the spirit of giving and bring a new unwrapped toy to help these children have the best Christmas possible.  Please no stuffed animals. Drop of at Blitz Automotive or send your toys to 465 east state street Kennett square pa 19348. Thank you from all of us and the children who’s lives we touch along the way.





Oct 10

The way we spell bELIeve-In loving memory of ELI

ELI Trademark V3-2

Oct 05

In Loving Memory Of Eli Seth Matthews





In loving memory of Eli Seth Matthews the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation has adopted the highway starting at Wells Fargo and ending past Walgreens on Baltimore pike.

Okay the first clean up is scheduled for Saturday November 22, 2014.  I need Eli Warriors to help keep our wonderful town of Oxford clean.  You must be 14 years or older to help.   *If signatory is less than 18 years of age, Parent or Guarding must sign a form.

If you are interested in helping please message me or email me at your address so I can mail the forms to you for signature.  I will also include a self addressed stamped envelope for ease of return.  I must have the forms returned by October 31st.  I need to take the forms into PennDOT to pick up the needed supplies for clean up.

1st clean up: Saturday November 22, 2014 Meet at Dunkin Donuts at 10:00 AM for a safety meeting

Thanks so much.



Area beautification in memory of my HERO in life my son Eli.   Thank you all so much.  The next clean up will be in March, 2015….  With Eli’s Warriors at La Sicilia in Oxford Historic Borough.
#bELIeve #BraveEli
Austin Matthews, Jennifer McKeon Middleman, Rachel Middleman, Fran Underwood

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Sep 30

Eli’s Stand Against Childhood Cancer $30,000.00 Donated to Todd E. Druley, M.D., Ph.D.

What is childhood cancer awareness?  It’s not just September It’s 365 days a year.  It’s supporters like all of you Eli warriors that made this possible.   As the father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation I want to thank all of you that have and continue to support the work of Eli’s foundation.  We must STAND together to find a CURE for this MONSTER that takes the lives of so many children every day.   We must bELIeve in a cure, as we move forward to saving the lives of these children.  The children are our future.   The children must know that we FIGHT for them.   Set the example, join the FIGHT so no more children need to be told they have cancer.


Thank you all so much from the very bottom of my heart.   Eli’s dad.


Todd E. Druley, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics

Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology

Washington University School of Medicine


IMG_0700 Druley2 Druley1 Druley

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Aug 24

Nationwide Insurance in Oxford, PA has joined the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

   Nationwide Insurance in Oxford, PA has joined the Fight Against Childhood Cancer.   The 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series Show Car will make an appearance at The Garcia-Taylor Agency in Oxford, PA on September 5th at 5:00pm.   We’re excited to provide this opportunity to our community!   Please stop by and support the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation during childhood cancer awareness month.  We will be set-up at Nationwide Insurance with foundation clothing and other items.  We will also have the Eli and Alex’s Lemonade Stand up and running.  Don’t forget to check us out right out front of Flip’s Barbershop as well.   Stop by and say hi to Maggie and tell her thank you for becoming an Eli Warrior.  Also for the month of September Maggie will donate $5.00 for every quote.  All you have to say is I would like a free quote in the name of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.  Please everyone reading this help the children by supporting our foundation.   Thank you so much.

Maggie Garcia-Taylor


(610) 932-4935

Fax: (610) 932-4118

121 S 3rd St STE 1 Oxford, PA 19363

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Aug 17

Poetry By Katie Welch

I met this young lady (Katie Welch) at Nottingham Country Daycare during the Car Wash For A Cure event Saturday August 16, 2014…  I did not know she could touch my heart with words.  Well please take a moment and read this truly heart touching Poem she wrote for me.  This Poem will be the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundations September Childhood Cancer Awareness months words to live by.  We will move forward in touching the lives of these children fighting so very hard.  Paul B. Matthews Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.


A rush of cold water
Running up your warm vain
You make sunny days …
even when it may rain
And the news hit you hard
but you prayed for the hope
the struggles you hit
the things you would cope
Cancer looked you
straight dead in the eye
but with your strong heart
you let no angels fly
You lost a strong boy
but YOU still fight on
You give it your all
Till the dusk of dawn
Cancer is a flight
that takes you straight up in the air
but you help the others
with the story you share
But you just believe
for a cure in awhile
and we can keep each
girl, and boys pretty smile
And with your support
and the care you have given
they’ll be more attention
to that gold special ribbon

By – Katie Welch



Aug 10

2nd annual Car Wash for a Cure

To all of the children that helped wash cars for a cure today I’m so thankful to all of you. You are all Eli Warriors. You all had a choice today and instead of playing video games you helped other children fighting cancer. To all of the truly AMAZING teachers, and parents of these children you are laying a foundation; one of love, hope, and compassion!

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