2012 XL Forum Sportster & Buell Calendar Announcement and Photo Submission Guidelines

This is from Bert Linson not only a friend, but also the owner of www.XLForum.net Bert thank you so much for doing this for Eli’s Foundation.  All of the XLForum members have helped in this fight against childhood cancer for years.

I am getting off to a late start the calendar this year. I think I can get it shipped by the beginning of the year but can not guarantee that you will have it in your hands until after the New Year.

Just as last year in order to keep the price of the calendar below $20.00 (with shipping) a minimum of 250 calendars need to be purchased. If less than 200 calendars are purchased I will cancel the calendar publishing and refund your money. In order to get an approximate number of calendars to make and determine if there is enough interest please complete this form – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/…g3ZEE6MQ#gid=0

This year 5% of the profits will go to Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

The price of one calendar last year was $20.00, shipping included. Each additional calendar was $15.00. I will try my hardest to keep the price the same this year.





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