Eli’s RUN 2019 Sponsor’s

Thank you to all of our 2019 Eli’s RUN Sponsor’s.  Thank you for your continued support in this FIGHT against Childhood Cancer!

Cecil County Mom, Son Battling Cancer

Absolutely beautiful and heart touching.  Thank you all for helping this become a reality. 

If you wish to help #CanyonStrong go to www.BraveEli.com and click on the donate button.

Matthew Nichol 5Cents Media great job capturing the special moments.

Please click the link:

Press Conference Senator Andrew E. Dinniman And I

Please watch this very important press Conference.   It would mean alot to me.  I am a VOICE for the Children and need your help asking everyone to listen to Senator Andrew E. Dinniman and I.  Thank you friends.  #bELIeve

Brave Eli
Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

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#SeptemberChildhoodCancerAwareness Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.
#GoGOLD365 www.BraveEli.com


Harrisburg Capitol Building Went #GOLD

To my HERO in life my son Eli this is for you baby.  To all the Children who have passed away from Cancer and those fighting for their lives this is for you.  Senator Andrew E. Dinniman, Adam SirRooch and Lt. Governor Mike Stack thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your Continued support in this FIGHT AGAINST Childhood Cancer means so much to so many most importantly to the Children.    Harrisburg Capitol Building is #GOLD from September 1st to the 7th in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

#bELIeve #BraveEli #EliMyHEROinLife  #EliWarrior #CancerSlayer #ChildhoodCancerFighterDad #OnTheFrontLinesForACure #EradicateLeukemia #ThebELIeveACT #StandTogher #SenateBill572
#PackageOfLove #HotWheelsFromHeaven
#EliSethMatthewsLeukemiaFoundation #hotwheels #mattel
#SeptemberChildhoodCancerAwareness Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.
#GoGOLD365 www.BraveEli.com

Capitol Building in Harrisburg GOLD for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today I received some amazing news. I have been working with Senator Andrew E. Dinniman and his right hand man Adam SirRooch on an idea I had lighting the Capitol Building in Harrisburg GOLD for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September). I thought maybe just one night until I recieved this email from Adam today:

I received this e-mail from the office of Lt. Gov. Mike Stack.

I wanted you to be the first to know:

“The capitol will be lit gold from September 1 to September 7 for National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Thank you for reaching out to us about this important issue. And thanks to Senator Dinniman and the Senator Dinniman team for being such outstanding advocates for children.”

#bELIeve #BraveEli #EliMyHEROinLife #EliWarrior #CancerSlayer #ChildhoodCancerFighterDad #OnTheFrontLinesForACure #EradicateLeukemia #ThebELIeveACT #StandTogher #SenateBill572
#PackageOfLove #HotWheelsFromHeaven
#EliSethMatthewsLeukemiaFoundation #hotwheels #mattel #HarrisburgCapitolGOLD
#GOLD #SeptemberChildhoodCancerAwareness

Eli’s Run Sponsors 2018

As the Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation I cannot thank these Sponsors enough.   We could not do what we do without the support of People and Businesses like these.  We truly appreciate all of you that continue to support this FIGHT against Childhood Cancer in our son Eli’s memory and honor.


8th Annual Eli’s 5K Run

The 8th annual Eli’s 5k Run will be held on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at Oxford Area High School’s cross country course, rain or shine! The 1 Mile Fun Run will begin at 9:00am and the 5k Run/Walk will begin at 9:30am
Participation Fee: Fun Run-$10; 5k Run/Walk-$20; Teams
(5k only)-$90 (5 people maximum)
You must register by April 21st if you are on a team or want to be guaranteed a T-Shirt!
Anyone who pre-registers before May 5th will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Dick’s gift card!
Walk up registration will be accepted but a T-Shirt is not guaranteed (please register by April 16th in order to be guaranteed a t shirt)
Awards: The top 3 male and female finishers in each age group will receive an award, as well as the team with the fastest average time.
The age groups are as follows; 13 and below, 14-18, 19-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46 and above.
Feel free to email any questions to Lizzie Estes at Lizacestes@gmail.com Sean Walsh at Seawal12@oxfordasd.org or Paul Matthews at BraveEli@zoominternet.net
Registration forms can be found at the link below, once completed please hand directly to Sean Walsh or Lizzie Estes, or mail to Duffy Sample at Penn’s Grove School.
Online registration:

ALL Inclusive Playground is recognized

Oxford is forever changed as the ALL Inclusive Playground is recognized.  The story published in the Philadelphia Inquirer will tell how hearts of ALL Children have and will continue to be touched by this act of kindness.

Thank you everyone that helped me with this most important ALL Inclusive Playground.



ALL Inclusive Playground In Oxford, PA

I received a phone call from an editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He said he watched this video by Lead Storyteller 5Cents Media  Matthew Nichol and wants to drive out to Oxford to interview me.  He said he will be bringing a photographer because this story is BIG and he wants many to know about what has been done in Oxford.  He wants the ALL Inclusive Playground to be known by the masses.

The bELIeve Act Right To Try For Terminally Ill Children Senate Bill 572


As you are aware I, Paul Matthews, have been working with our local State Representative Andrew E. Dinniman and his team to get Senate Bill 572 (the bELIeve Act Right to try) passed. Right now the bill is with the Senate Health & Human Services Committee. The Committee chairs are responsible for calling the bill to vote or scheduling a committee hearing.

WE NEED EVERYONE to email the representatives in the link below and request that they call the bill to vote. We are requesting that you please sent an e-mail to each representative on the list, we need to flood their inboxes with e-mails about Senate Bill 572.


We have drafted a simple e-mail, so all you have to do is open a new e-mail, copy the text below into a new message open the link above to get the e-mail address’ for each representative.


Dear Committee Chair,

I am writing in regard to Senate Bill 572 and asking that you fully support this bill.

Additionally, I am requesting that you call the bill to vote within your committee.

Below is the link for Eli’s story. Eli is the reason for this Bill and the reason why we NEED to get this passed. Eli passed away on January 20, 2011…..the day his Father dedicated his life to find a cure for Childhood Cancer, the day his Father dedicated his life to honor his loving son, the day his Father dedicated his life to do anything to save the lives of so many children.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month……..my request is that Senate Bill 572 moves forward in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Thank You