Annual Brave Eli Memorial Ride and fundraiser

We must join together around the world in a ride in Eli’s memory to carry out Eli’s wishes to find a cure for Childhood Leukemia. I reach out to you as a father that lost his son (HERO) in life to this MONSTER! I say to you if you take on this task to join a group of bikers together on May 19, 2012 we can ride across the World to help save lives. On this day in Oxford, PA we will have Eli’s Celebration and a ride as well. With the help of the with over 40,000 members strong in every part of the world we can do it… (I know on we have people veiwing this message world wide).   What I need if you are interested just e-mail me at with your name and how many riders you bELIeve you will have. Prior to the ride I will mail you a “I bELIeve in memory of Eli Matthews” memorial patch for each rider in your group. Have your group visit and read Eli’s story so they to can get an understanding of the #1 killer of our children today. This effects 47 children every day. 47 children are told by their mom and dad in some heart wrenching way hunny you have Leukemia chocking back the tear’s as you stay strong for your baby. This ride will be every year, and I will announce the date every year to coincide with Eli’s celebration that will be held in Oxford, PA with a ride as well. The donation for each rider is $20.00…. After you have completed your ride send the proceeds to:
Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc

P.O. Box# 33

Oxford, PA 19363

Captains so far for the May 19th ride are listed:

UPDATE: Pennsylvania is covered for the Brave Eli Memorial Ride. Eli’s Dad will lead the ride. 4 PM we will leave from Redmans Hall….

UPDATE: Chris (ParrotHead) will also talk to his HOG Chapter.

UPDATE: NE Oklahoma is covered by XLForum members (chardhin).

UPDATE: Arizona is covered by XLForum member (bitpusher).

UPDATE: Idaho is covered by XLForum member (beornj).

UPDATE: West Virginia is covered by XLForum member (Mike) (BCR226).

Need to cover every state, and country.  

Who do we have from Germany? Bert can you take Germany my friend?

Who will cover Japan?

The goal is to have bikers in every state and country riding on the 19th their time zone.




    • mike gourdier on March 28, 2012 at 11:51 PM
    • Reply

    hello paul
    i went to the beef and beer last year and i am going this year.
    i would also like to take part in the ride
    i am only one person but would love to take part in it
    could you send me more info on how i can join
    thank you
    mike gourdier

    1. We will leave from the Redman’s hall at 4:00 pm and the event is from 6 till 1 am … Do you have a ticket my friend?

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