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Liz Scott from the Alex’s Foundation was friends with Eli, and has dedicated a page on her foundation’s web site for our Angel Eli.  Now if you can’t make it to a Lemonade event for whatever reason, you can click on this link , or go to Under organizations, just click on Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Fund and this will also take you to his page.  
The fund’s raised will be directed to** Todd Druley, M.D., Ph.D.   Dr. Druley is also the doctor the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation funds will go to, as well as other organizations.   We must put a stop to all of the poison they are using to treat these precious chidren with.  This is what our Angel Eli would want us to do………….continue his wishes to find a cure.
**Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Genetics Washington University School of Medicine.
Dr. Druley is a faculty member in the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.  His research is based in the hypothesis that much of pediatric disease presentation and treatment is heavily influenced by the unique combination of rare inherited DNA mutations within each person. Dr. Druley’s research focuses on adapting the latest genomic technologies toward characterizing these germline variants on a population-based scale as well as examining how these mutations interact within an individual to influence a variety of diseases, particularly pediatric cancer. The long-term goals are to better understand the pathophysiology of pediatric cancer as well as to identify all of the pertinent germline variants within a pediatric cancer patient prior to starting therapy in order to provide a genetically customized treatment plan designed to maximize anti-cancer activity while minimizing toxicity and morbidity.

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