The bELIeve ACT Right to try for Terminally Ill Children

Dear Eli Warriors,

I need your help to pass a new law in Pennsylvania that will help save the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer and other terminal illnesses.

“The bELIeve Act” calls for requiring insurance providers to cover potentially life-saving clinical trials and the related treatment for terminally ill children in Pennsylvania.

Access to potentially life-saving clinical trials and treatment can be a game-changer for children suffering from pediatric cancer and other terminal illnesses. However, the cost of these treatments can be a major barrier for families, especially when insurance providers are unwilling to cover them. The bELIeve Act is an important step towards ensuring that families in Pennsylvania have access to the care their children need. Resources like can help families navigate the often-complex world of insurance coverage, providing information on the best options for their specific needs. By advocating for legislation like the bELIeve Act and utilizing resources like, we can work towards ensuring that all children have access to the care and treatment they need to fight these devastating illnesses.

I have worked closely with state Senator Andy Dinniman and his staff to write this legislation in memory of my son, Eli, and for the benefit so many other children and young people who are so bravely battling cancer and other serious illnesses.

We worked on this legislation after we heard and personally experienced stories of insurance companies denying pediatric cancer patients access to potentially life-saving treatments.

Now, we need your help in the first step to getting it passed.

Please contact your Pennsylvania State Senator and ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor to Senator Dinniman’s “the bELIeve Act” (or The Right to Try for Terminally Ill Children Act).

Friends, I have no doubt that the road to making this bill law will be long, arduous and challenging. But I need your help in this crucial first step. The more co-sponsors we have, the better chance we have of getting the bill passed.

Let’s stand together and work to ensure that no insurance company can deny a child, no matter how ill, access to potentially life-saving drugs, therapies, trials or related treatment.

You can find out who your state Senator is and how to contact them here

View the co-sponsorship Memo here


Paul B. Matthews

Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.


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    • Colleen Hays on March 11, 2017 at 11:19 AM
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    Please pass this bill to help children have access to all life saving drugs available!!

    1. Thank you for your support.

    • Jeannie Cass on March 11, 2017 at 11:32 AM
    • Reply

    Please do the right thing. Help these little ones.

    1. Thank you for your support.

    • Candita Taylor on March 12, 2017 at 1:46 AM
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    Please sign this bill. Make it happen at any cost.No child should be denied life saving treatment thank u

    1. Thank you for your support.

    • Drew Cope - Oxford PA on March 17, 2017 at 12:43 PM
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    Parents should have the FREEDOM to be PARENTS… and that means restoring their right to parent as they see fit… especially in the case of an ILL child. If they see an experimental treatment, nothing should prevent them from attempting to save their child’s life with that new treatment. The drug companies have run medical care for far too long. Its time our lawmakers put the power of choice back into the hands of the parents. MOST parents are good and loving people who want the best for their kids. Current laws designed to protect the small group children who have parents who are idiots, are preventing the vast majority from being able to give the best available care to their children, simply because laws and regulations can’t keep up with advances in medicine. SUPPORT THIS BILL!!

    1. Drew,

      Thank you for your support of this life saving Legislation. I will keep you posted as we move forward.

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