The bELIeve ACT Right to try for Terminally Ill Children

Dear Eli Warriors,


I need your help to pass a new law in Pennsylvania that will help save the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer and other terminal illnesses.


“The bELIeve Act” calls for requiring insurance providers to cover potentially life-saving clinical trials and the related treatment for terminally ill children in Pennsylvania.


I have worked closely with state Senator Andy Dinniman and his staff to write this legislation in memory of my son, Eli, and for the benefit so many other children and young people who are so bravely battling cancer and other serious illnesses.


We worked on this legislation after we heard and personally experienced stories of insurance companies denying pediatric cancer patients access to potentially life-saving treatments.


Now, we need your help in the first step to getting it passed.


Please contact your Pennsylvania State Senator and ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor to Senator Dinniman’s “the bELIeve Act” (or The Right to Try for Terminally Ill Children Act).


Friends, I have no doubt that the road to making this bill law will be long, arduous and challenging. But I need your help in this crucial first step. The more co-sponsors we have, the better chance we have of getting the bill passed.


Let’s stand together and work to ensure that no insurance company can deny a child, no matter how ill, access to potentially life-saving drugs, therapies, trials or related treatment.


You can find out who your state Senator is and how to contact them here


View the co-sponsorship Memo here




Paul B. Matthews

Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.



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