3rd Annual Cut-A-Thon For A Cure

Help us find a cure for childhood cancer!! How you ask? There are two great ways! Donate 10+ inches of hair to “LOCKS OF LOVE” AND/OR “GO BALD FOR A CURE” ON APRIL 4, 2015 from 2-4 PM when Owner Terry Smyth, and Beth Subach team up to either shave your head bald or cut your hair for donation in a special event the “CUT-A-THON” at Alluring Images. VISIT WWW.BRAVEELI.COM to learn more about this FIGHT!!!! If you want to help in this fight e-mail me at BraveEli@zoominternet.net and I will e-mail you a pledge form so you can start your fight against childhood cancer in Eli’s memory. Get the support of everyone that you know. Also have them come out and support you at the salon! All hair donations will be sent directly to “LOCKS OF LOVE” . The funds raised will go to fighting childhood cancer in the name of the ELI SETH MATTHEWS LEUKEMIA FOUNDATION, INC. If you live in another State and wish to still do this at your own hair stylist please let me know. Make April the month to go BALD!!!!

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