Marble the Monkey is Bananas for the Cure

We did it because of you.  We have 50 Marble the Monkeys to swing to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on October 26, 2013!!!!!!!!
This year the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation with Paul Matthews would like to donate Marble the Monkey to children fighting childhood cancer in Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital. Just like Curly from last year, Marble is $19.99. $8 of… EVERY monkey goes to the foundation, and the Marble the Monkey goes to a sick child. There will be a couple events that you can come out and see Marble in person. Saturday, September 21 at the Nottingham Church Craft Fair, and Saturday, September 28th at the Apple Festival in Oxford. Last year event… between the fall and the spring, 150 Bears were purchased and nearly every one was donated back to a child fighting cancer.  Austin Matthews, Melody Matthews, and I will deliver Marble to the children and the best thing is we show them some love, and put a smile on their face.  If you are out of town and can’t make it please send $19.99 to the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation PO BOX# 33 Oxford, PA 19363 and write Marble in the memo block and we will ensure Marble get’s to Pittsburgh.  Thank you all so much.
Austin head Marble and I outside in the beautiful garden they have on the 6th floor.  This is before we left the hospital after handing out the Marble the Monkey’s to there new friends.   I want to tell you these children were so happy it took everything I had to hold it together.   As I was already aware no photos are allowed with the children I did not ask.  I will give you the best details to paint the picture.  First we met 4 year old Gabe now as soon as I laid eyes on him I almost lost it.  This little boy had a scar across is whole skull from ear to ear in a sig sag motion just like our Angle Eli had.  I got on his level and looked in his eyes and handed him Marble he smiled so big and bright eyed and kissed Marble on the head and hugged him.  I read him the note Morgan wrote for me to give to the child.    He than said to Austin and I ( I’m able to run ).  With so much excitement in his voice….   Then we met 2 year old Travis and he was so happy precious his mom said he is getting ready for a bone marrow transplant with tears in her eyes.  We read him the note from Emma.  We than met with 7 year old Noah he loved getting Marble as well.  I showed him the photos of Marble eating all the goodies last night in bed and he smiled through his mask as I could see it in his eyes.  He said that’s just like me…   We cannot thank everyone enough that donated a Marble back to The Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.  You touched a child’s life.  These children are fighting for there lives and needed this.  We love all of you.  Thanks Paul, Ruth, and Austin.
1234620_10201995155030239_1742961158_n1376467_517915631631118_2052806329_n 1379320_513241285431886_348650694_n 1379402_517915764964438_48201444_n1395292_528339967255351_211658329_n 1391901_528387810583900_1448918948_n 1385630_528301477259200_849983980_n 1385334_528380100584671_1619094420_n 1384381_528794403876574_1377798523_n 1004646_528275647261783_1709076572_n 1374867_528459600576721_798888084_n 1375670_528451637244184_281462613_n 1380725_528406183915396_606348989_n 1381952_528045133951501_1027852342_n 1001210_528791490543532_1108611899_n 995873_528688767220471_1138260263_n 960201_528863317203016_93170717_n 935980_528790897210258_1193382048_n 602265_528387287250619_1748692953_n 45523_528789153877099_1968064429_n 397487_528789967210351_1288844942_n1376384_529396400483041_2024923028_nHead Marble the Monkey here.  I have completed a very important mission.  This was only accomplished because of all of you Eli warriors out there that donated one of my 50 friends back to the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.  You have made some very sick children happy and you also put a smiles on there faces.   Marble will love them and he loves to HUG!!!!  I now will rest I take my seat beside Head Curly the Bear.   As we join forces with Avon again next year we will see who the new friend will be.  Until than take care and HUG your children and tell them how much you LOVE them. — with Austin Matthews and Amy Marshall at Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

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