NJ Cancer Cluster

This is from our friend Kelly Irvin,

As you may have learned, I along with several other moms, are in the process of
updating/compiling demographic information related to our children’s pediatric
cancer diagnosis.  I am collecting the following information:

Childs Name
Parents Name and Contact Information (email preferred)
Age of Child
Treatment Facility
Current residence (city, state, county)
Any tie to Monmouth County of parent
Elementary School
Information (Yes, no, date)
Transplant Information

What we
intend to do with this information:
– Update state/federal statistics which
we have found grossly underestimated
– Look for trends (i.e. is there a group
of ALL in Ocean, which is larger than any other population of ALL cases in
– Investigate potential sources of carcinogen contamination (i.e. known
pollutors, soil/air/water quality, etc)
– Take what we learn, and require the
apporpriate authorities to conduct an official study on cause/effect
– Ensure
corrective action measures
– Seek punitive damages
– Protect future

We are benchmarking our efforts off a like study conducted
historically in Toms River.  We are at the very beginning stages of our
research, pulling public information files from the NJDEP,

Send any infromation you have to

Kelly Irvin at: kellylynnterry@msn.com  l_JtjeavIRImqxoswu






    • laura tenebruso on February 8, 2013 at 5:41 PM
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    Hi Kelly, I am so glad you are doing this and I would like to help in any way I can. My son Chris was diagnosed in Feb 2011 with Leukemia (ALL) at age 14. We live in Holmdel in monmouth county. He is treated at memorial sloane kettering, in remission almost done with maintenance chemo and doing well. No bone marrow transplant. I am very suspicious of environmental causes because we only moved here in 2009. we are involved with a few community organizations that may be able to help you reach more moms. Let me know what you think

  1. Thank you for reaching out Laura….I remember your son, and family from the Kick Cancer Overboard Cruise last May…..I will ensure your son’s demographic data is added to our roster, and welcome the contact information for any other families that you may be networking with. I have been informed that there is an effort underway that will assign a unique identifying number to our children, that will allow better statistics to be gathered and actions resulting. This is in response to a discovery that children are being counted multiple times, based on reporting practices of cancer hospitals and children (like Mya) who are treated at multiple locations (Mya has been treated in NJ – 1st and 2nd cancers, PA-1st transplant, FL-Emergency Admit and TN-2 transplants and 3 relapses). Regardless, I have been sending periodic updates of our roster to the NJ State demographic profile representative. Other moms working this effort, are collecting Environmental data and networking with Environment scientists and engineers in order to decipher carcinogens, known polluters, etc. N.E.G.U.!

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