UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  TOTAL RAISED $1,796.50.   Also we thank Rodger Mort for  going BALD for the cure at Eli’s celebration in held in May.   Please grow your hair for next April 2014.  If you can’t wait let me know and we will make a special appointment for you.  Hey what we do is help children that need hair more than we do, and the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.  Sends a check to Locks of Love with each bag of hair.   The balance of the money raised goes 100% to finding a cure….  Thanks to all of you that have or are getting ready to “GET YOUR HAIR CUT OR GO BALD FOR A CURE”  The Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation thanks you.  The children you are helping thank you.   For more infromation go to. http://www.braveeli.com/2013/01/13/go-bald-or-get-your-hair-cut-for-a-cure/

SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 FROM 11:00 AM TILL 3:00 PM
Versatile Hair Styling 110 Barnsley Road Oxford, PA 19363 (610) 467-1550


Help us find a cure for childhood cancer!! How you ask? There are two great ways! Donate 10+ inches of hair to “LOCKS OF LOVE” AND/OR “GO BALD FOR A CURE” ON APRIL 20, 2013 when Tanja LaDuke will either shave your head bald or cut your hair for donation in a special event at her salon. VISIT WWW.BRAVEELI.COM to learn more about this FIGHT!!!! If you want to help in this fight e-mail me at BraveEli@zoominternet.net and I will send you a pledge form so you can start your fight against childhood cancer in Eli’…s memory.  Get the support of everyone that you know. Also have them come out and support you at the salon! All hair donations will be sent directly to “LOCKS OF LOVE” along with a $25.00 donation in your honor. The rest of the funds raised will go to fighting childhood cancer in the name of the ELI SETH MATTHEWS LEUKEMIA FOUNDATION, Inc.  If you live in another State and wish to still do this at your own hair stylist please let me know.  Make April the month to go BALD!!!!  We will have Eli and Alex’s Lemonade Stand at the event, and some other fun things…..
  • So far we have Austin going BALD March 1st at home on Eli Matthews Day in his brothers honor.
  • I’m going BALD at the event SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 FROM 11:00 AM TILL 3:00 PM at Versatile Hair Styling
  • Rodger is going BALD as a surprise stay tune
  • And our youngest 4 year old Kendra Rivera will donate 10″ of hair SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 FROM 11:00 AM TILL 3:00 PM at Versatile Hair Styling
  • Rebekah will be getting her 10 inches of hair cut, March 30th for this event.  She is asking for sponsors to donate to the foundation.  Please let me know if you would like to sponsor her for this amazing cause.  You can pick up a sponsor form at Jennings Auto Repair in Oxford,  PA
  • And my friend Eric went BALD in memory of our Angel Eli
  • Charlie Price is going BALD at the event SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 FROM 11:00 AM TILL 3:00 PM at Versatile Hair Styling
March 30, 2013
 Renee Jennings Irwin daughter gave me a wonderful Easter gift.  She gave a gift of hope for other children fighting for there lives.  This little girl raised $800.00 for the foundation by getting 12″ of her hair cut off today.  I have met this little girl a few times and it’s like she knew Eli all her life.  The fact is they never met.  There is something so very special about her.  I listen…d to her talk to me one day for 15 minutes and the love she has in her heart for Eli touched my heart.  I would like to thank you Rebekah on behalf of all the children in this fight.  It’s people like you that make the difference in this world.  To everyone out there on behalf of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation we thank you for your support.   Please when tomorow comes and times seem a bit stressful please take a moment to hug your baby call your son or daughter and tell them how much you love them.   Happy Easter Eli Warriors and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
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