Bone Daddys-Tattoo Calendar for a Cure


As I stood in front of a crowd of so many that the number boggles my mind.  The ladies working at Barnaby’s of Aston said “We have never seen a party this big before “.  We stood together for one common goal.  A CURE FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER!   As I stand talking to all of you it’s clear to me.  Eli Seth Matthews Still touching hearts from heaven!   As those words are tattooed on my chest have so much meaning to them .  As the Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia…a Foundation I stand there saying thinking to myself . “Eli look son this is for you”.   The words ” Paul we sold out of the calendars”.  WHAT!!!!!   This has never happened touches my heart.  More will be ordered on Monday so stop by Bone Daddys-Tattoo in Aston, PA for yours.    So to every Eli Warrior that came out to support the Bone Daddys-Tattoo Calendar for a Cure I thank you.   To all of the ladies that took the time to grace the pages of this truly amazing calendar I thank you.   To Jay Cunliffe, Nate Cook, John Pohl, and Craig Blankley I cannot thank you enough.   You guys are truly remarkable tattoo artist, and friends.


Friday night November 20th from 7pm to 10pm. Come join us and buy one of our calendars filled with beautiful tattooed women! All proceeds donated to the Brave Eli foundation, which helps fight childhood cancer. Drink/food/calendar specials available. $40 gets you a “Calendar for a Cure”, 3 hour open bar including  wine, draft beer, well drinks and soda, as well as hot delicious food! Or purchase a calendar by itself for $20. Prizes, giveaways, raffles and lots of fun. Help fight this terrible disease along with Bonedaddys Tattoo and Barnaby’s Aston. Don’t miss out!!!

Photography by

Justine Pino McKone at Twisted Oaks Studio

Tiffany Quinn Lighteous Photography

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