Today November 27, 2014 you would be 14 years old.  Eli not one second of any given day goes by that we don’t think of you.  The unspeakable pain in our hearts will never go away as we miss you.  Your smile would light up a room; your bravery was none I have ever witnessed in my life.  We miss hugging you.  We miss kissing you.  We miss watching what funny things you might say or do.  We miss waiting for you to come downstairs just to see what  cool clothes you would pick out for the day.  Most of all we just miss holding you in our arms telling you how much we love you.  Happy Birthday in Heaven Eli we Love you with all of our hearts sweet Angel.  Love Mom Dad and Big brother Austin.

Everyone please watch these videos.  Turn up the volume.

My HERO in life my son Eli.

The HERO inside you Eli’s song

Brave Eli
Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

Ruth Ann Matthews


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