Poetry By Katie Welch

I met this young lady (Katie Welch) at Nottingham Country Daycare during the Car Wash For A Cure event Saturday August 16, 2014…  I did not know she could touch my heart with words.  Well please take a moment and read this truly heart touching Poem she wrote for me.  This Poem will be the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundations September Childhood Cancer Awareness months words to live by.  We will move forward in touching the lives of these children fighting so very hard.  Paul B. Matthews Father and President of the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation, Inc.


A rush of cold water
Running up your warm vain
You make sunny days …
even when it may rain
And the news hit you hard
but you prayed for the hope
the struggles you hit
the things you would cope
Cancer looked you
straight dead in the eye
but with your strong heart
you let no angels fly
You lost a strong boy
but YOU still fight on
You give it your all
Till the dusk of dawn
Cancer is a flight
that takes you straight up in the air
but you help the others
with the story you share
But you just believe
for a cure in awhile
and we can keep each
girl, and boys pretty smile
And with your support
and the care you have given
they’ll be more attention
to that gold special ribbon

By – Katie Welch



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