Racing for a Cure

To all of our Eli Warriors out there this is truly an honor.  For all of you that knew our Angel Eli you know that he loved going fast, hot rods, rock n roll and was a fan of tattoos…..  (Well maybe because Daddy has a few…)    The Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation Logo will be going very FAST!!!!  Also the Power of Eli will give the Wilson team even more POWER!!!!  Yes Angel POWER!!!!  To the Wilson family we thank you, and all of the children in this FIGHT against childhood cancer thank you.

From: Rachael Wilson


Sorry that it has taken me this long to write the email.  We’ve had a crazy busy day.  My husband owns Wilson Hay & Straw and builds motors as his second job.  It’s really his passion not just a hobby.  He is the owner of Wilson Race Engines.  We race all over the east coast.  Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, PA…any where there’s a race we will go!!! Chris has won several championships including Super Pro Champion at Cecil County Raceway this past year.  Josh just started racing in 2012 and won his first Wally in June 2012.  Most racers go their whole lives with never winning one and he already won one when he was 10!!  As you can see from some of the pics he has won lots of races.  We view the racing community as a second family and support every one accordingly.  Anything we can do to raise awareness for Eli and your foundation is a plus for us.  Hopefully we’ll be in a ton more winner circle pics displaying your logo.  My husband wanted to talk to you some more about the size and colors of the logo.  I’ll give him your cell number and he can call you.  I believe that this is a  blessing from God and Eli for us to have met and have this opportunity.  Thank you so much for including us in your fight!!!
May 30, 2013 Update from Rachael Taylor Wilson

Well Josh drove his 330 Junior Outlaw car into the winner’s circle this past weekend (5/26/13) at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ…Racing the outlaw series is one of his favorite things. It’s a more powerful motor than what is on his “regular” junior dragster. We don’t have an Eli sticker on this car yet but Paul is making it happen for us. The other decals were too dark for the black on the car. Eli was with us all day!!

October 29, 2013 Update from Rachael Taylor Wilson

Josh, captured the championship in the Jr. 330 outlaw class. Thank you for allowing us to run the logo on our car. Most importantly, thank you for sharing the miracle of Eli with our family…

April 27, 2014 Update from Rachael and Chris Wilson

Josh Wilson is READY TO RACE!!!!!  Take a look at his new Black Dragster with the bELIeve logo’s on it.  This Eli Warrior is running on Angel Power!!!!

Letter to the Wilson Family from Todd E. Druley, M.D., Ph.D.
(To read the letter you need to click on Wilson Letter than on the next page click it again)
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