Happy 12th Birthday Eli

I bELIeve this song says a lot of what my heart wants to say.  Today would have been our sons 12th Birthday.  To my family, and friends please take four minutes a just sit back and listen to this song as you watch the video I would like you to pray for my family.  My wife Ruth and Son Austin live a nightmare every day of our lives.    The pain in our hearts is unspeakable as our Eli is not on this earth for us to hug, hold, talk to, listen to his laugh, watch him play, see his smile, and just wonder what cool clothes he would wear as he would come down stairs.  You see this is not the normal life progression to lose a child is a pure devastation.  I also ask you not to look for your HERO’S in a baseball team, football team, or any other way, rather look across the room and see your HERO is right in front of you “your children”.  Life is short, and when my day comes I will join my son in Heaven but until then I will be the best husband I can be to my wife Ruth as we have had our up’s and down’s but I do love her.  I will stand by my son Austin’s side as I watch him grow into the amazing man I know he will become.  I will also not waver on my promise to carry out Eli’s wishes to find a cure for childhood cancer.  We miss you Eli Love Mom, Dad, and Big brother Austin.



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    • Aunt Diane & Uncle Bob on December 1, 2012 at 9:43 PM
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    Ruth, Paul & Austin – it is terrible what you are going through…..just stay true to yourselfs and cherish each other.

    1. Aunt Diane & Uncle Bob thank you both for all you do in this fight. We want you to know you mean so much to our family. Love Paul, Ruth, and Austin.

  1. Hi , I don’t know you but I say your sign on a car in Aston. I right away wanted to know more about your story. I have a story of my own. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010, I was 21 years old. I went through 1 1/2 of treatments, chemotherapy, pro ton therapy, and radiation. I would like to send my condolences to this family. I’ve become close to God through out my experience, and I will pray for you and ask Eli to tell God to give you the strength to love everyday, as for everyday we are alive and breathing, is a blessing. Try to look to God in these hard times, and the more we spread awareness, the closer we are to a cause! ( ps we just had my “third annual walk for tori” in October and raised over 4,000 dollars for those going through cancer and their families at CHOP. If you need ANYTHING at all please contact me at babeexo3@gmail.com! God Bless you!

    1. Sorry for the typ-o’s! I went through 1 1/2 years of cancer treatments.

      1. Tori, thank you for not only reading the sign on my car, but stopping by my HERO in lifes web site. Praise the LORD you are doing well. Stop by often as we are always up to something. Maybe I will see you one day at one of our events. GOD BLESS YOU.

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