Matthew McCarry one of the coaches of the Sacred Heart CYO Volleyball team approached me a couple months ago asking if they could dedicate this Volleyball season to our Angel Eli’s foundation.   They wanted to help in the fight against childhood cancer, and they did!  Last night we were invited to join the team at the Sacred Heart gym.  We get there and the girls come out wearing Eli’s foundation shirts custom made with a childhood cancer ribbon, and there logo on the back; so heart touching.   There was a check presentation, and a ball signed by all three teams was given to me from the Volleyball team.    Before we left Austin, and I got in the team huddle that the girls do before each game with hands in the center we raised them and on the break we said bELIeve!!!!!!    The girls have been doing this all season.    Please take a look at the photos and check out the team, and all of the wonderful coaches that made this possible.

UPDATE: On April 11th I was asked to be the Guest speaker at an upcoming CYO banquet by Joe Shallow.  This is what Joe asks me……

  • Hi Paul,
    Myself and the sacred heart CYO board would like to invite you to be the guest speaker at our upcoming CYO banquet. The banquet is being held Saturday may 11th at the technical high school on Pennocks bridge rd. at 6:30 pm. I know this is the same day as the Eli run so if you are not available we completely understand. We all feel you and your family have shown a tremendous amount of courage and spirit in your fight and feel that would make a great message for our youth. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

I responded with yes I would be happy to that it would be an honor.  Well I arrived around 6:20 PM and said a prayer and also ask my Angel Eli to be with me during my speech.  I did not have and note cards I only had my heart to speak to these wonderful children and parents.  As I was ready to leave the stage understanding this was my first guest speaker honor.  Every single person stood up and gave me a standing ovation.  I thought I was going to lose it as I dug deep within and said hold me up Eli.  Joe than ask me to hold up Paul we have something for you.  They gave me a beautiful shirt yea Black and Red and stitched in red it says Sacred Heart Saints.  I will were this with pride.  Than Joe said to help you fight what you call the MONSTER we want you to have this check for $300.00…..  I thanked everyone and sat down.  When I got in the van I said thank you Eli.  Oh and then I did breakdown a bit.  This is important to understand as hard as it is to speak to everyone about Eli and send a clear message I need to do it or the word says within.  Eli lives on in the hearts of many you see Eli is alive.



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