A new memory never to forget the ones locked in our heart


What started as a school project by our son Austin when he was in 7th grade a shared story with his little brother Eli a poster of the Bahamas, Royal Towers Hotel, Water parks and so much more. Not just a project turned in for a grade rather now to create a new memory. My wife Ruth sent out an email after our Angel Eli passed away searching for any photos that anyone may have taken of our Angel Eli. We received a phone call from Pastor Dave Willerup from the Nottingham Presbyterian Church of a photo he held close of Eli taken during vacation bible school,  you can see this photo under About Eli.  Eli was singing to GOD in this photo. Pastor Dave than shared a story of his own sister Amy and her husband Allan Benton. This would be the start of a poster becoming a reality you see Allan had ask me if we would like to create a new memory?  Well at that time we were not ready for any of this.  Then one day Austin said Dad I would like to go to the Bahamas and explained this poster I remembered that poster he explained how his brother knew about it. So today July 8th thanks to the Joy Hope Foundation http://www.joyhopefoundation.com/ we leave to turn that poster into a reality. We know Eli will be with us in spirit as we went to the cemetery yesterday and I let our Angel know we were making the trip and I know he will be with us. I will share photos after we return. I will not have a phone while we are away as I need this time with my son and he needs it with me.


Austin and I want to thank Amy and Allan Benton from the Joy Hope Foundation  http://www.joyhopefoundation.com/index.php for sending us on this most amazing trip.  Not just a vacation, but a chance for Austin and I to spend much needed time together as Father and Son.  While our Angel Eli was fighting childhood cancer Ruth and I would be by Eli’s side for long periods of time.  One of those times was for 113 days.  Austin understood this and only cared that his little brother would  be okay.   When the time came to try and find a Bone Marrow match for Eli; Austin was tested and wanted to be the one to help save his brother.  Austin was not a match, and prayed for his brother every day.  A new memory was created during this trip to the Bahamas that Austin and I will hold for the rest of our lives.  While on the Atlantis Beach we looked to the sky and saw Eli’s name spelled out in the clouds we just smiled as we knew Eli was with us on this trip.  Now enjoy some photos from the Bahamas Paradise Island.


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