Truly AMAZING!!!!

Dear Eli, I would like to share something with you that I think you would like to hear. I have recently been struggling with a career decision after I graduate with my bachelors in Biology. You see for some time now, I have been debating wether to get my PhD in cancer biology or to just get my masters and work for a pharmaceutical industry. I have been told that PhD’s don’t make nearly as much as someone who has a masters degree that works for an industry. Often PhD’s work long hours through grants and donations, and salaries are not as high as one may think. This for a while deterred me. I could not understand why I would dedicate the next five to eight years in graduate school getting my PhD, when I could go for two years, get my masters and make as much if not more working for an industry. I have been struggling with my decision for graduate school admission for some time now until today. As I was ironically leaving the lab where I currently intern for cancer research, I was walking down Liacouras Walk at Temple University. That’s when I saw Meghan sitting on a stool, with her beautiful gorgeous brown hair sitting perfectly on her shoulders. She looked familiar to me, as I recognized her from a poster I saw previously in the semester on campus. I remember reading it and wondering why this beautiful girl was going to shave her head. Today, I understand why and it has enlightened me. You see Eli, I happened to walk down Liacouras, eager to go home and have dinner, when I heard your father giving a remarkable speech. I decided to stop for a second to see why a crowd of students were standing in silence while Megan sat on a stool and your father was speaking. Within two minutes, tears began rolling down my cheeks. He told me about your story and he reminded me how important it was that we find a cure for cancer. I couldn’t believe how your story turned out. I am sorry that you could not be here Eli, but you should be proud because your story has inspired this individual. Your story really stirred me up tonight, and got me thinking. I really should go for my PhD because if not enough people contribute to fighting cancer in science, then it will never be cured. It is important people keep continuing this research and if it is your story that reminds me how passionate I am about science. I forgot why I wanted to get my PhD in the first place, and your story, well it gave me a change of heart. I realize I should get my PhD now not because of the salary I will one day make, but because I will be fighting for something thats right. I will help thousands of people someday by contributing my knowledge to finding a cure. I just want to thank you for your guidance and helping me decide what I should do with my life. I have seriously been struggling with this my entire undergraduate career and now it is clear to me. I hope that a cure is found soon Eli. You should be very proud with what your doing, and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my decision.



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